The COVID-19 Effect: Has It Made Us Fearful?

The COVID-19 pandemic came in suddenly and swiftly, catching us all off-guard. The fear and panic that the virus managed to spread may take some ...

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Life In Times Of COVID-19: How Are Americans Coping?

With the number of COVID-19 cases on the rise, and several state governments ordering shutdowns, life has taken a whole new meaning for a majority ...

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Work Amid COVID-19: Challenges & Concerns

Covid-19 has shut down offices worldwide, quite literally, as millions of employees work from home to contain the virus. Piplsay (powered by Market Cube) reached ...

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The COVID-19 Contagion: How Are Americans Impacted?

COVID-19 came quickly and unexpectedly, catching us all unaware. As countries around the world grapple to reign in the virus, normal life has been thrown ...

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Plant-based Dairy Alternatives: Americans saying No to Moo?

More and more people today are giving regular dairy products a miss, and switching to plant-based alternatives. The industry which is still in its infancy ...

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Women At Work: Female Bosses Get Big Thumbs Up

Over the years, the US has seen a surge in female employment. So much so that today women hold a majority of jobs in the ...

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The Meal Kit Phenomenon: Spreading Their Flavor Or Losing It?

Meal kits have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, with several brands now increasing their presence offline as well, essentially ending meal kits' ...

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International Women’s Day: A look Into The Workplace Reality

International Women's Day has had a long history, with women worldwide fighting for their rights from as early as 1911. A lot has changed since ...

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Sports Betting - Header Image 03

Betting On Sports? Here’s What Americans Do

It's just been more than a year since the federal ban on sports betting was lifted, and already 20 states and DC have legalized the ...

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