The Tesla Cybertruck: What Do Americans Think Of It?

Tesla recently launched its new, all-electric Cybertruck, which comes with a completely stainless steel, bulletproof body. However, it received a lot of mixed reviews, from both auto-reviewers and enthusiasts. But what do ordinary Americans think ...

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Americans Want A No-Gift Christmas: But Many Still Out Shopping

Americans spent approximately $885 per person on Christmas gifts in 2018, the highest in recent years. However, rising expenses are also leading to mounting holiday debts. Piplsay (powered by Market Cube) surveyed 43,184 Americans nation-wide ...

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How ‘smart’ is your home? A peek into America’s preferences

Smart homes are touted to be the next big reality in America, especially given the interest and eagerness with which Americans have begun consuming technology. But just how popular are smart home solutions right now? ...

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