Fitness under lockdown: How is the UK staying active?

With almost the entire country confined within their homes amid the coronavirus pandemic, fitness seems to have taken a major hit. Piplsay finds out if and how the social distancing has disrupted fitness routine for millions of people in the UK. Fitness websites and apps can leverage this data in their decision making. 

As parks and gyms across the country shut down amid the pandemic, fitness enthusiasts are having a tough time keeping up with their fitness routine. From running marathons within the four walls to attending live workout sessions, people are finding new ways to keep themselves fit. But not everyone may be motivated enough. Piplsay polled 3,189 people in the UK to get the real picture. Here’s a summary of what we found

Survey Methodology: This Piplsay survey (powered by Market Cube) was conducted nationwide in the UK in the month of April 2020. We received 3,189 online responses from individuals aged 18 years and older.

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