Pay TV vs. Streaming vs. Cinema: Who is Winning The War?

The rise of streaming platforms has led to a huge migration of viewers from traditional content channels. Even Hollywood has begun to feel the heat ...

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Samsung S20 & Z Flip: Are Americans impressed?

Samsung's latest Galaxy smartphones have become quite the talking point because of their generous features. However, they come at a time when brands continue to ...

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TV Shows And Trends: What’s Playing On Your Screen?

TV shows are in great demand, with traditional channels and streaming platforms competing fiercely for eyeballs. With so much variety at the viewer's disposal, Piplsay (powered ...

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The UFO Mystery: What Do American Enthusiasts Want?

Aliens have long been a fixture in American pop culture, which is why the UK government's decision to declassify its UFO files is likely to ...

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The Hummer Is Back! Here Are The First Reactions

General Motors is reviving the Hummer name for its all-electric pickup, giving the once-notorious brand a clean makeover. Piplsay (powered by Market Cube) conducted this ...

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Disney Plus Vs. The Others: What Is America Streaming?

Disney Plus, which launched in the US last November, was an instant hit, racking up 25 million subscribers within just a few weeks. Piplsay(powered by ...

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The XFL Is Back: How Excited Are You?

XFL is relaunching this year after its first failed attempt in 2001. The league is promising a fan-centric, faster-paced gaming format in its new reboot ...

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Coca-Cola’s Plastic Dilemma: Do Americans Agree With It?

Coca-Cola endorsement of single-use plastic bottles comes at a time when brands across the world are adopting eco-friendly alternatives. The beverage giant has turned the ...

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US Climate Change

Climate Change & Trump: What Is America’s Opinion?

2019 saw millions of concerned Americans protesting over climate change and calling for government action. Piplsay (powered by Market Cube) surveyed 70,747 Americans nationwide to ...

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