The XFL Is Back: How Excited Are You?

XFL is relaunching this year after its first failed attempt in 2001. The league is promising a fan-centric, faster-paced gaming format in its new reboot version. Piplsay (powered by Market Cube) conducted this nationwide survey ...

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Road Races In America: Going Strong Or Slowing Down?

Road races are said to be losing their popularity in America, yet millions continue to participate in it each year. Piplsay (powered by Market Cube) polled 67,028 Americans to find out what the trend looked ...

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The Super Bowl Mania: Who’s Watching What?

The Super Bowl undoubtedly is one of the biggest events in global sports and continues to draw huge viewership in America. But, football is also seeing a dip in its popularity. Piplsay (powered by Market Cube) surveyed ...

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