Student Scholarship Contest

The market research industry today is on the cusp of a technological revolution. Advancement in technology is largely affecting the rapid pace with which the industry is operating and growing. Ironically, technology is also making it easy for fraudsters to act with impunity, and they are doing so with minimal human interactions.

Online sample providers, in particular, have been spending both money and resources to identify and weed out these fraud respondents, who use multiple email aliases to provide automated unreal answers.

What can the industry do to protect itself from potential fraud, and safeguard its data and brands?

In 1500 words or less, please elaborate on some futuristic fraud detection methods, approaches or solutions that the Market Research industry can rely on to mitigate fraud.


Future of Fraud Detection in the Market Research Industry


1000 – 1500 words


 31st July, 2020


$1000 for the top entry



Terms and Conditions
  • Only one entry per student is allowed
  • No essay submissions after midnight of July 31, 2020 would be considered for the scholarship
  • The submission should come via MS-word or PDF document. If there are supporting images, they should be well-presented
  • Market Cube reserves the right to choose the top entry and the scholarship results will be non-negotiable
  • The winner will receive an email asking for their particulars on August 15. They must respond within one week of receiving the email to claim their scholarship. Else, it will go to the next best submission
At Piplsay, we value ideas and opinions!

Market Research is at the heart of Piplsay. Through this contest, we hope to encourage our future leaders and thinkers to deep dive into the challenges facing the market research industry and work towards solutions to detect and navigate them.

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