The Great Cannabis Surge; How Keen Are We About CBD?

In America, weed is now in the food we eat and the air we breathe. Literally! even if in the most filtered form. Today, Cannabidiol or CBD, a compound derived from Cannabis is found in almost all kinds of products, and is just as easily available; from grocery stores and pharmacies to cafes and online portals. Despite the negative connotations associated with Cannabis, the interest in CBD is at an all-time high, with new and exciting products hitting the shelves regularly. Such is the hype that even big names like Coca-Cola, Diageo, and Kroger are gearing up to enter the CBD turf.

So what do Americans think about this non-psychoactive Cannabis strain, and what are the reasons they are reaching for it, if at all? To find out, Pipslay surveyed 60,000 people across the country, and this is what we got:

Given the growing hype around CBD, close to 90% of Americans today are aware of it, even if they may not have tried it themselves. And it’s not surprising, considering that CBD products have flooded the marketplace since industrial hemp became legalized last year. Today, over 3 out of 10 Americans have tried CBD products at least once. And this number seems to be climbing gradually as CBD becomes more mainstream. Interestingly, as revealed by the Piplsay survey, most CBD users (35%) seem to be fully aware of its consequences, both good and bad. Which means users are making informed decisions and choices as opposed to just using it on a whim.

Amongst the users, 46% of youngsters in the age group of 25-34 yrs consume CBD, highest for any age group, followed by 43% of people in the 35-44 yr age bracket

Given its medicinal and therapeutic properties (and also limited use), it is little wonder that most people use CBD for health and wellness, with pain and anxiety being the top reasons. Though its usage decreases progressively with age, CBD is known for treating arthritis and other chronic pains in older people, besides fighting cancer side-effects and reducing epilepsy. Even professional athletes are fast turning to it for sports recovery and relaxation as opposed to their regular painkillers.

With a variety of cannabidiol-based products entering mainstream retail, Americans today seem spoilt for choice. Amongst them, edibles like chocolates and snacks are the most preferred CBD products for most Americans. Even the demand for CBD infused drinks is on the rise, with alcoholic beverages making up almost half the numbers. While pubs and breweries across the country are experimenting with CBD infused beers and cocktails, big companies like Molson Coors, Constellations Brands, and Pernod Ricard are also aggressively looking to enter the CBD beverage market, troubled as they are with falling alcohol sales. Increasingly, vaping is also becoming a favored method, with vape oils being used to reduce pains, anxiety, and insomnia. But in what can be a huge boost, a whopping 62% of CBD users acknowledge to experiencing its positive benefits.

As CBD gains wider acceptance, product sales in the US are expected to grow from $1.9 billion in 2018 to over $20 billion by 2024

With plenty of research and testimonials available, as well as easy access to products, most Americans today are comfortable with using CBD products on their own, as revealed by the Piplsay survey. However, the lack of regulation, along with the confusion over state cannabis laws continues to add to the resistance. Overall though, CBD seems to be gaining a lot of momentum, even as people explore it beyond just medication. And this is not even a new phenomenon. Having had a long history of medicinal use until it was banned, CBD is only making a comeback now. And as evidenced by the interest Americans are showing, it sure seems safe to say that the grass is getting greener!

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